For its 4 years, ITECA offers a 1 million euros seed money raising!



This capital and financing fundraising was conducted with Le Flohic Investissements, a Business Angel specialised in the Industry, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, BPI and Crédit Mutuel. Thanks to this contribution, ITECA wishes to accelerate its development in France and aims to be a major player in the digital transformation of the industry thanks to its intelligent visualization software. This first round of company valuing the company at more than 3 million euros confirms the solidity of ITECA's business model as a software publisher, the relevance of its strategic vision and investor confidence in its growth potential. It shows that digital transformation is now predominant in French industry. "The capacity of the ITECA team to design innovative software and generate revenue and profits from the very first years and from prestigious clients played a decisive role in our choice to invest" explains Frédéric Guyot, President of Le Flohic Investissements.

Innovation : focus on Artificial Intelligence !

Yaël ASSOULINE, CEO of ITECA, says: "The goal of this first round is simple: to invest in innovation to continue to improve and facilitate the daily lives of thousands of users of our software is the key to success of ITECA. We will rely on the research results of our new R & D department Mach4, in partnership with the institute P ', an antenna of the CNRS, and labeled LabCom by the National Agency for Research. on the integration of our BI engine into our SmartUpp platform to be a differentiating asset in our market." "These funds will finance the growth that the company has experienced in recent months thanks to a strong traction in the market that will allow us to double our turnover this year to approach the million euros, as every year since our creation. we will double our workforce to 25 by the end of the summer to continue to meet the needs of our customers "continues Arnaud FAVAREILLE, General Manager. After this operation, the co-founders and managers, Yaël ASSOULINE and Arnaud FAVAREILLE, remain majority shareholders in the capital of ITECA.


ITECA is a publisher of Industrial Intelligence solutions, operating end-to-end, the digital transformation of industries using advanced technologies like BI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to digitize: • processes (continuous improvement), • machines (preventive maintenance and training), • products (planes, submarines, trains ...) • industrial sites (factories, logistics warehouses, buildings, etc.). ITECA is already working with major groups or mid-cap companies in the fields of luxury, aeronautics and defense on the theme of Industry of the Future regarding continuous improvement, assistance in diagnosis and maintenance, digital twins, HMI, supervision and industrial applications. Thanks to its SmartUpp platform, ITECA allows industrial groups (from production manager / quality to teams) to visualize their working environment in 3D (any type of support, tablets, smartphones, virtual reality helmets and augmented reality glasses) , while being able to act on the real (ex: simulation, training, maintenance and controlcommand). Video references: Hennessy et B&R Automation. ITECA aims to become a reference actor of the "Smart Industry" and a standard in process digitization by filtering and aggregating 3D data and technical data (IoT, GPAO, ERP, GMAO, PLM ...) .

Press Contact:

Yaël Assouline: and +33 6 87 49 35 39
Arnaud Favareille: and +33 6 32 61 89 68




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