Thursday November 7, ITECA, the University of Poitiers and the CNRS, inaugurated a joint laboratory.

inauguration mach4 signature

Inauguration Mach4, the signature.

Winner of the ANR call for projects, this laboratory aims to combine cutting-edge robotics and virtual reality to produce production support tools.
A research-innovation partnership dedicated to the virtualization of robotics.
The joint laboratory "Machine Control and Virtualization for Industry 4.0" (Mach4) brings together skills in the design and control of mechatronic systems and the development of decision support tools based on the latest artificial intelligence technologies. The human being is at the heart of the scientific problems of the joint laboratory, which thus aims to develop assistance solutions by taking into account the biomechanical and cognitive comfort of man in his environment.

The objective of this joint laboratory is to produce tools to assist in the development, operation and maintenance of complex production facilities. It aims to provide complete solutions associating the machine and its digital twin with a high degree of interaction between the two models and a high fidelity of representation of reality. The purpose of the products developed is to place the human operator (line driver, maintenance technician, supervisor) in the best conditions to process the multiple data generated by the machine and to make appropriate condition or intervention decisions.

A joint laboratory that unites: academic research laboratory and innovative company.

inauguration mach4

This project brings together two complementary partners:
The Pprime Institute, a research laboratory that develops, with the RoBioSS team (Robotics, Biomechanics, Sport & Health), complex mechatronic solutions for production robotics and methodologies for assessing the biomechanical comfort of an operator in production situation.

ITECA, a company with strong innovation potential that provides production line virtualization solutions integrating virtual reality and artificial intelligence engines for decision-making.
Close collaboration has also been established with CERCA to take into account the cognitive comfort of the operator when interacting with the real or virtual environment (ACI projects, PEPS CNRS, Psychobot region) for several years.

During the design phase, the solutions provided by the LabCom will allow a representation of the machine in an immersive virtual reality environment with dynamic behavior models very close to those of the machines produced. In production, the operating and maintenance software will provide the human operator, at the right time, with the information necessary for decision-making.

A laboratory consistent with its territory.

This joint laboratory is part of a dynamic development of the territory consistent with the needs of the local industrial fabric. By associating an academic laboratory with a company based in Angoulême, in the heart of the Pôle Image Magelis, the University of Poitiers reaffirms its investment in the region, all in full coherence with the regional strategy of an industry 4.0.

inauguration mach4

Nos partenaire Mach4


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