Find us on the LVMH stand Hall 1 - J36 at VivaTechnology on May 24, 25 and 26, 2018

"You saw us in Vegas at CES. It was giant. You saw us at Global Industry, once again, with the help of our exceptional partners, we had a significant blow. Now, nothing stops our road show and we are going to outdo ourselves with this new opus at VivaTech. LVMH’s Hennessy House proudly offered to exhibit alongside them. What an immense honor and privilege! With even more AI, even more digital twins in VR and an increase in your industrial productivity, we are convinced that this represents a key step for ITECA with a major advance as a leader in the digitization of Industry 4.0 . Believe me, don't miss this episode! We will announce a new mission for ITECA. »Marc BAGUR - Factory Director of the future

1. EXPERIENCE the most amazing digital twin in French industry 4.0 - Only for your eyes on the ITECA LVMH HENNESSY J36 stand

ITECA is one of the very first companies in France to deploy an operational solution on such an important industrial site (26000m²), capable of being optimized thanks to artificial intelligence and continuous improvement.

This year, LVMH will welcome ITECA in a pavilion dedicated to the Digital Twin experience at the Hennessy site in Pont Neuf. Visitors will be able to experience an interactive and immersive virtual reality experience and discover the 26,000m² of this industrial site, unique in Europe. It is a real virtual factory in the heart of VivaTech thanks to the know-how of Industry 4.0.

2. LEARN how “real” innovation can help change and creativity to build the industry of the future

Meet two leaders, our President Yaël ASSOULINE on May 25 on the LVMH stand J36 from 12:00 for his conference alongside Marc SORIN, director of industrial operations at HENNESSY. You will learn how they, together, have improved operational excellence, from co-design, to helping managers by building the industry of the future step by step. Come meet them and expect announcements!

3. ADOPT HTC VIVE PRO - and be among the first to try the most successful virtual reality headsets

To encourage new uses, it is essential for ITECA to offer high-quality experiences. As such, if the position of ITECA, software publisher, concerning hardware in general and display peripherals remains agnostic, it seemed essential to it to raise the criteria of selection of hardware performance from suppliers of reality headsets virtual and augmented reality.

HTC very early on wagering on fostering a quality dialogue with professional application developers and suppliers of innovative solutions, the rise in demand was crystal clear. Therefore, hardware quality was an essential component of experiential rendering of ITECA software. And it is on this criterion that suppliers were challenged in anticipation of a demonstrator put forward through the ITECA pavilion of the LVMH stand of VivaTech.

HTC was particularly illustrated by the attention paid to the needs of professionals and manufacturers in terms of mobility, comfort and power of virtual reality display.

In addition, ITECA addressing virtual reality as augmented reality, the HTC Vive Pro allowing a display of mixed reality type happened to be particularly relevant since only in its category. The HTC Vive Pro has therefore emerged as an obvious and reliable development platform for ITECA's ambitions of expression in the industry of the future.

As with the HTC VIVE, we have selected a Premium partner for our 4K Touch Panel PCs: Black Swan Technology. Their 4K Panel PCs meet all of our performance criteria and the expectations of our customers in terms of robust, reliable and durable industrial equipment. The high visual quality of Black Swan Technology screens gives us exceptional precision and performance for our applications.


Founded in 2015, ITECA counts among its clients large prestigious groups in the Luxury, Defense, Aeronautics, Space and Energy sectors. It offers them Supervision, Operation and Maintenance applications.

His research and innovations are based on the expertise of his associates: SpirOps, Researchers in BI and SolidAnim AI, Experts in 3D, AR and VR.

Finally, ITECA was a Double Product Winner of the Future in 2015 and 2016 for the call for projects of the New Aquitaine Region and Grand Angoulême with Witty3D and the Digital Twin.

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