Created in February 2015 by Arnaud Favareille and Yaël Assouline, ITECA is a start-up of the French Fab, born in the region of New-Aquitaine (Angoulême) which has experienced a great growth since its fundraising in March 2019. Today composed of Twenty people, our premises are located in Angoulême and Paris. Software publisher for Industry of the Future, ITECA specializes in intelligent data visualization. ITECA uses the technologies of the entertainment and video game industry to bring them to the traditional industry in order to meet their needs in terms of supervision and visualization of complex systems (we resume a basic teaching of video games, a intuitive gameplay, more simply: "the player does not need a user manual to know how to use it"). Thanks to advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we digitize: processes, production lines, products (aircraft, submarines, ..) or industrial sites. ITECA provides its customers with digital tools to visualize and act in real time on all the procedures of an industrial company, its products, its machines and its factories.

Yaël Assouline

Yaël has built his career primarily in the telecom field, in large groups like LD Com / 9 Telecom or Orange, in France and abroad. His expertise focuses on decision-making artificial intelligence tools for Maintenance, Operations and Processes. She decided to leave Orange in 2014, to found her start-up which merged, in 2016, with ITECA, of which she is the president since.

Arnaud Favareille
General manager

Contractor and Director of Production in Audiovisual for 15 years, Arnaud masters all the technologies of the image. He created ITECA in 2015 in a bid to offer interfaces and increasingly innovative solutions to key industrial customers.
It ensures the synergy of all skills of ITECA, VR / VA / 3D / Artificial Intelligence, business development and customer relations.

Julien Picard
Technical director

Julien started in the world of video games working at Ubisoft. Following this rewarding experience, he decided to found a video game development studio that will gradually become an innovative start-up for the industry. Since its creation, Julien has joined ITECA as Technical Director With his expertise in development and programming;
He works on multiple projects and makes the link between customer needs and technical needs.

Emmanuel Linot

Emmanuel has over 15 years of experience in motion capture, forged 3D animation from companies like ExMachina, Quantic Dream and Herold & Family. He founded his own studio in 2007 with Isaac Partouche and Jean-François Szlapka, creator of The Crew, Cockroach and recently Croc Blanc. In 2010, the founders launched SolidTrack, an innovative real-time rendering system for special effects that has been featured in major American productions (The Walk, A Monster Calls, Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars.

Axel Buendia

Axel is one of the founders of SpirOps, a company that provides services and tools around the theme of Artificial Intelligence. A doctorate and several years of working in various industries gave him the experience necessary to create advanced tools to design the behaviors of tomorrow. Since the creation of SpirOps, he has collaborated on numerous large collaborative projects (video games, robots, urban simulations and autonomous vehicles)