The digital platform serving the industry

Automatically import all your CAD files locally or in the cloud.
Collect all the data from the IOT and merge into the Twin.

Take advantage of the AI to decide, filter and learn.
Generate cross-platform applications for any type of media.


A technological break

To increase your industrial performance, ITECA has created the SmartUpp platform, which collects your data (sensors, CAD files, ...) in real time and delivers them intelligently to different users.

Assisted by artificial intelligence, it filters and disseminates information via innovative interfaces and technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. With SmartUpp, the industry will switch to the digital age with ease and enter the fourth industrial revolution: Witty Revolution, Smart Industry!

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The digital platform serving the industry

A 3D Asset Manager connected in real time to the data transmitted by the sensors will coordinate the functionalities of multiple applications such as design, supervision, alerts, diagnostics, training, simulator or communication. Monitored by a decision-making AI, the latter will apply a series of filters designed by users for learning purposes.

It will authorize actions in control-command virtualization according to the data reported by the machines. Finally, this architecture allows a broadcast on all types of devices, touch screens, headsets and glasses VR / AR, via PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Demultiplify your operational capabilities

Witty3D : Decision support software in the field of operation and maintenance combining the power of artificial intelligence with the simplicity of 3D visualization.

Decision support software in the field of operation and maintenance combining the power of artificial intelligence with the simplicity of 3D visualization. Digital integration of paper monitoring of continuous improvement processes as a first step in the establishment of the Industry of the future.

Digital Twin : Design support, layout of production lines, internal communication, training, supervisory interface of the company, simulation of plant organization, manufacturing line, virtual reorganization, virtualization of control -ordered.

Control-command virtualization and virtual commissioning

Control-command virtualization becomes an easy reality to take in hand. With the intervention mode, it allows you to remotely intervene in remote operation from the virtual or augmented reality and to take control of the real machines. With the simulation mode, you can experiment with all situations to optimize your production.

Virtual commissioning or virtual commissioning consists of virtual means simulated via SmartUpp. Commissioning involves the design, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of all industrial plant systems based on operational requirements. Virtual commissioning is the process of using SmartUpp to test changes to the Digital Twin before making changes to the actual factory. In this way, the risks of downtime and loss of income are almost eliminated.

Immediate technical diagnosis

Witty3D: Diagnosis and maintenance software

Based on Artificial intelligence, 3D visualization and interactivity. It connects easily to your data in real time and adapts to new tools. To capture knowledge and know-how, the experts create in Witty a skills repository called "brain" that will be enriched intervention after intervention. Witty 3D therefore dialogs with the technician and shows him the machines in 3D. Witty3D establishes a technical diagnosis taking into account all your criteria. Witty3D will dialogue with your colleagues by asking the right questions and providing the best answers. It is the intelligent solution that will help you make the right decision within your operational teams, and thus lower your costs.

Set your rules Witty automatically list all the symptoms Decide and intervene MUCH faster Version ChatBot, 2D or 3D, RA, tablet, smartphone or PC

Augmented reality

Use the precision of 3D

Release the power of the AI.
Take advantage of the artificial intelligence behind PSA's autonomous vehicle for your industrial maintenance needs.


Automotive and transport industry

From autonomous vehicles to production support and predictive maintenance

Construction and engineering

BIM, Spatial Planning and Implementation Assistance, GTB / GTC

Energy and production

From supervision to EMS intelligent production management


From digital model to remote control


From continuous improvement to Digital Twin.


From decision support to the capability advantage


Digital reference model, animated and synchronous, allowing training and anticipation. Factory of 26000m2 inaugurated in 2017.


Support for predictive maintenance, diagnosis and intervention in augmented and mixed reality. 80 technicians on a machine 150m long.


Virtualization of controls and commands, assistance with complex supervision. COMAU 6-axis robots on a production line.


Multiplatform tool optimizing the daily management of production and teams. Industrial site of 80 people.

Technical Director - Large Account

"ITECA has been invaluable in helping us with our industry of the future by deploying an animated Digital Twin with exceptional quality. Our agents were able to train themselves before the inauguration of the site. "

Vincent L.

MCO / MRO Specialist

"We had a significant problem with reactivity on complex operations. And we needed to progress faster in new markets while the turnover of our teams increased. We were able to fix all these problems with Witty3D and the end customer was there. We found a new motivation to use thanks to the bluffing capabilities of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The experts mobilized to enrich it and the R.O.I. was significant. "

David P.

VP Smart Industry

"We asked ourselves about a common platform for our different digital twins after seeing the ITECA demonstrator at CES in Las Vegas. We needed an operational solution to coordinate our business applications between production, sensor data and our mathematical models. SmartUpp has helped to merge these bricks by offering all the benefits of immersive technologies and AI. "

Philippe MP.

Technical Sales Manager Lucas Robotics France

"By connecting our products to ITECA's SmartUpp platform, we are taking our customers on a new path to the Industry of the Future!" "